Saturday, February 12, 2011

movies that changed my persective on life

            When i think about movies that changed my out look on life or changed the way i view certain cultures. there is two major movies that come to mind the first on is fight club.

this movie is my favorite movie to date. Edward Norton is probably one of my favorite actors and he did a great job in this movie. this movie shows the path of life you could take rather than the current flow of the main stream population, the "American Dream" so to speak. you can clearly see Tyler Durden true revolutionary views that fights against main stream media and shows what life could really be about. if yoiu havent seen this movie FUCKING WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!1

the other movie is one of my favorites is Ameriacan history X. this movie gives a great prospective into the society and lives of skinheads. it proves there not mindless racists like kkk. they have strong politcal views about what wrong with socitey and how it can be fixed. I am not agree with the view the charaters have in this movie i am just saying its a good insight to why they have these what we think are terrible, evil and mindless views on other races. this movie is pretty graphic and it also stars Edward Norton


Friday, February 4, 2011


last night at about 11:40 pm i was on my way down a big city street on my way home. during rush hour this street is packed with hundreds of cars trying to get to work. but since it was almost midnight there was 1-3 cars on the road.

the roads were quite icy at this time of year but since no one else was really on the roads ill admit i was speeding about 10 over the limit. As I'm coming up on an empty intersection the light turns orange.I know i wont be able to stop in time so i speed up to 10 more over the speed limit to catch the light. just as i enter the intersection the light turns red so now i'm running a red light and half way through i see the flash of a camera.........

A stationary intersection camera has caught me speeding 20 over the limit and running a red light grrreeaaat just another fucking thing i have to pay the man because its not like were all paying him enough. i believe that these stupid fucking government plans to put out photo radar and intersection cameras to "prevent" speed is the biggest cash grab. its just another government hand in the pocket of the joe tax payer. These cash grabs are not going to prevent acciedents or speeding there just going to make our fedal government more money.
The major canadian city i live in make over 20 million dollars a year from the money sucking machines and there is little we can do to stop or prevent it. so after im done typing this blog in going to google " anti photo radar spray for liscense plates" which is basically this spray you put over your license plate so when  the flash of one of those cameras goes off it wont see your license plate. And stop the federal government from take any more money from me

Monday, January 31, 2011


i fucking love these guys videos they only make 1 every couple of months and when they do its awesome

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jimmy Buffett put into hopsital after falling on stage

Recently Jimmy Buffet was was playing a live show i Sydney Australia. Then during the encore he fell off the stage hit his head and passed out on the ground and was bleeding from the head for several minutes. hope he`s ok im a big fan

he falls off at 3:45


I fucking love this video. i am an amature video editor/filmer myself and this is every thing i want my videos to be!!! this shit is fucking paintball!! party bull shit and paintball!!!hk all day

Monday, January 24, 2011

the bob long G6R

I've been debating buying one of these for a while now. All my friends have been saying this gun is amazing you have to buy it. apparently its the smoothest shooting gun ever made but every one say that when new gun comes out. its also the fact that its 800$ which is cheap for a newer gun typically a brand new gun will go for 1200$. apparently there is a life time warranty on these suckers so even if it did ever have a problem i would be fix free of charge no problem.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

paintball is the shit

sooooo check this youtube account i have a channel full of paintball videos if you dont play look into playing shit is so cash